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January 8, 2017

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Trashbaby makes art

September 16, 2010

Today Trashbaby was inspired. She went to the local dump, found some cool trash and made art.

Trashbaby makes art 1

Mmm, nice 'n messy!

She asked around until she found a gallery to show her work, then invited a bunch of people to the opening. A few came.

Trashbaby makes art 2

Miss Foxy was impressed.

Miss Foxy was the new art teacher from San Francisco. She really liked what Trashbaby had done and invited her to speak to her class.

Trashbaby makes art 3

The students seemed interested.

Energized by all that, Trashbaby decided to make some phone calls and organize a street action to raise awareness about trash.

Trashbaby makes art 4

Hi, this is Trashbaby and I'm organizing this thing called "Art into Action"...

After a bunch of phone calls, e-mails and pestering people on facebook, the big day arrived: Trashbaby and her crew hit the street.

Trashbaby makes art 5

Wow, this is even more fun than I thought it would be!

The carnival atmosphere was great – the best slogans were “bla bla bla” and “There is no planet B.” Recycling was on everyone’s mind.

Trashbaby becomes an activist

September 15, 2010

After the deep depression and the happy green dreams, Trashbaby awoke feeling better than ever. She took a walk to the local dump and that’s when it hit her…

Trashbaby becomes an activist 1

I'm gonna be a grassroots activist!

She figured she’d better do some reading, so she went to her fave secondhand bookstore and got some books.

Trashbaby becomes an activist 2

Oooh, a social history of trash, that looks really interesting!

She went to see her friends Helga and Bambi to ask if they’d like to form a collective. They were down.

Trashbaby becomes an activist 3

Bambi and Trashbaby go way back.

Before making a new facebook page to organize the collective, Trashbaby checked out what was already out there.

Trashbaby becomes an activist 4

Eww, that page sucks!

She decided to take a look at her own trash to see what she could do better.

Trashbaby becomes an activist 5

I'm gonna need some worms...

Trashbaby gets depressed

September 14, 2010

Trashbaby has some spare time today so she decides to surf the net.

Trashbaby gets depressed 1

Oooh, this looks good!

She discovers some pretty heavy stuff, like the toxic e-waste at Agbogbloshie…

Trashbaby gets depressed 2

Holy crap!

… and landfills all over the planet. She contemplates harakiri but stabs a trash bag instead.

Trashbaby gets depressed 3

Nah, I don't feel like ripping my guts out today.

She steps away from the computer and goes outside to stare at the sky. For hours.

Trashbaby gets depressed 4

. . . . . . .

She drifts into a deep sleep and dreams happy dreams of floating in green water.

Trashbaby gets depressed 5

Something's brewing...

What will happen when she wakes up?

Trashbaby on vacation

September 13, 2010

Ok, this is my week of virtual art residency here, and as promised, the theme is trash. Check back every day to find out what Trashbaby’s been up to. Here’s what she did today.

First, she traveled to a beautiful island.

Trashbaby on vacation 01

Aaah, the light is gorgeous here - I feel right at home!

Next she smoked some cigarettes.

Trashbaby on vacation 02

Oh yum, love me some poison!

A trip to the grocery store was in order…

Trashbaby on vacation 03

inkonspikuous konzumption

… then some dumpster diving.

Trashbaby on vacation 04

Mmm, earthy!

After all that excitement, Trashbaby was tired – time for a nap.

Trashbaby on vacation 05

Bye, see you tomorrow!

virtual art residence

August 5, 2010

Yay! I’ve just booked a little tent for a virtual art residence here:

virtual art residence

My residency is for week 37 (13-19 September) – I’ll be doing something on the theme of trash.


la basilique

July 3, 2010

I really like “la basilique“, this church on the Place Charles II a couple blocks from where I live. There’s a gorgeous mosaic inside, see a detail here.

the basilique


bike paths

June 27, 2010

One of my favorite things about Charleroi is the bike path along the Sambre that you can take all the way to France. On the way out of town you ride through a heavy industrial zone, which is where I shot this pic.

bike path


the weather

June 20, 2010

It rains a lot in Belgium.

This is the view from my apartment a couple blocks from the Place Charles II.

Charleroi, Belgium


American Sandwich

June 13, 2010

There’s a dish they make over here called “filet américain” – it’s basically raw hamburger meat, known in English as steak tartare. A boulangerie near where I live does a really delicious version, very creamy and about the same toxic orange color as this stand at the street fair that comes to town twice a year.

street fair, Charleroi, Belgium